Travel to the Caribbean

Travel to the Caribbean

There are many ways you can travel to caribbean casinos if you want to take part in some form of gambling. With over 15 countries in the Caribbean accepting physical casino licences and over 800 table games there is plenty to choose from in the Caribbean if you want to go purely to gambling holiday or fancy a trip to the casino after a day at the beach.

Depending on where you live in the world travelling can take some time since the Caribbean can be quite expensive and arduous. Travelling from the USA you are looking at around $500 from most major international airports such as New York or San Francisco. There aren’t many budget airlines that fly from the US this route but all major carriers do fly somewhere in the Caribbean. The are no routes on budget airlines, but nowadays budget airlines aren’t as cheap as they used to be with excess fuel charges and airport taxes really bumping up the cost of flights.


From the UK you can fly direct to the Caribbean with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Other European carriers can fly quite often direct from their country of origin but sometimes have to fly indirectly via one of the major London airports or through another European hub such as Amsterdam or Berlin. Although there are no budget airlines flying from Europe to the Caribbean there are plenty of airlines flying this route to create enough competition to keep the cost down to at least something sensible. Flight time is approximately 12 hours depending on where in Europe you fly from but it will be cheapest if you fly from Spain as it is closer to the Caribbean and airport tax and fuel surcharges are lower.

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As with any international flights from Australia or New Zealand they are going to be quite expensive due to the relative isolation of the countries. Ideally if you are from Australia you can fly via Southeast Asia as the airports are much cheaper to fly from. For example if you live in northern Australia you can take a short flight to Singapore or kurala  lumpur  and take a long haul flight from there.

Remember to compare flight costs from the several different comparison websites as well as the airline themselves as you will find a lot of factors change the overall cost of your flights.

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