Things to Avoid!

Things to Avoid!

When choosing an online casino there are many things to Avoid. First and foremost you need to check whether they are licensed or not. Depending on which country you live in or which country you are playing from then there will be a regulated body which oversees all online casinos operating in your country. For example, in the UK this is called the gambling commission and they are one of the most famous regulating authorities for online casinos in the world. They oversee all online casino operations that run in the UK and take UK customers. Any company wishing to take UK players must apply for a licence and pay them licensing fees as well as a 15% tax on top of the yearly profits.

Many countries do not have regulating authorities such as countries in which online gambling is not fully legalised. In the USA there are a few legal online sites but this really depends on which state you live in. For example inĀ  Nevada .there are a few online poker rooms which are now fully legalised but if you wish to play throughout the rest of the USA this will prove much more difficult since online gambling transactions were banned several years ago.

As well as only choosing reputable and licenced sites there are several other things you can do. First and foremost you should deposit using a credit card rather than a debit card as this means you can dispute any transactions which weren’t authorised by you. For example if someone or some site steals your credit card and makes an authorised transaction you can dispute this by making a charge back against the site. If you use a debit card you may not be able to dispute the transaction.

You should also only play at sites which have reputable casino software such as Playtech or Microgaming. Both of these platforms have been around for many years and have millions of active customers around the world. Playtech powers pretty much every major UK high street bookmaker as well as many other European websites. Playtech games are extremely popular but it also means their brand has been very diluted as you will see the games crop up a lot so you may want to try and find sites which have a few other casino brands as well. Bet365 is a good example of this as they have Playtech and Microgaming as well as several other smaller casino vendors which are highly reputable and have been running for several years. Bet365 also have a full UK licence + millions of active customers around the world.

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