Making Transactions

Making Transactions

When you wish to make a transaction online especially to a online casino or sports book it is imperative that you take steps to ensure your safety as well as they can ensure that your private information is completely secure. Russ and foremost you should make sure that the site is using secure certificates. This basically means that information you send to and from the website is completely secure and encrypted. You can point out more about this here.

When making the actual transaction you will have several options as to how you deposit your funds. Using a credit card is the most secure method as you are protected against unauthorised transactions. For example if a hacker steals your card details and uses them without your permission you should be able to get your money back easily enough.

There are now many wallet systems you can use such as neteller or even PayPal in some countries. These wallet systems allow you to store your funds online and quickly transfer money between sites. This is a great way to track how much you have lost or one every month as you do not need to keep making transactions between your main bank account and your online wallet.

For large transactions or high rollers pretty much every site will accept bank transfers. These may take a few days to complete but are the most safe and secure way of transferring large sums of money. Bet365 for example accept all forms of international and domestic wire transfers. Since they are based in the UK they accept transfers from UK banks in as little as a few hours. The minimum transfer amount is usually between £500 and £1000 all the way up to a maximum of £500,000 with even higher limits for bigger players.

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In the UK there are various voucher systems which allow you to go to a local shop and buy a voucher in much the same way you would buy a gift voucher for a friend. You can then enter the voucher code online at the casino or sports book and your account will be credited with that amount. This is ideal if you do not wish to use a bankcard or associate your main bank account with gambling. Bear in mind that since you were using a voucher which anyone can buy you will need to verify your ID as this cannot be done automatically in the same way that it is done when you use your credit card.

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